Nancy Stafford, Actress, Author, Speaker


“Being the Believing 2.0 is a must-read! Entertaining and Inspiring, it’s filled with wisdom and fresh perspective based on The Beatitudes–and several fun stories about a few friends sprinkled in! You’ll be reminded all over again why you love Jesus! And be drawn to get to know Him if you haven’t met Him yet.”


“Following Christ is more than a Sunday morning event. Being the Believing reminds followers of Jesus Christ that we are to be the church, not just go to church.”

Dr. Brian Autry, Executive Director, SBC of Virginia


“God has provided direction and clarity in my life and career. There is a reason this book has a place on the set of my upcoming sitcom Aunt Cissy, and it should be on your desk as well!”

Kathy Garver, actress known for her role as Cissy on A Family Affair

“Our culture seeks to intimidate Christians into silence, but Jesus’ example shows us that silence is not our only course of action.”

Sam Sorbo, actress, author, and talk radio host

“When our hearts are clouded with negative thoughts, and bitterness toward others, it will create a separation in our mind, body, and then spirit toward our loving living Father.”

Jenn Gotzon Chandler, actress, model, motivational speaker, and author

“Despite my physical struggles and some of my darkest times, I’ve never been happier. Inside this book you will discover how I can have such a story!”

Ann-Marie Murrell, actress, author, political activist and owner of PolitiChicks.com

“As I write this, we are still reeling from losing our 19-year-old son Sean. This book will show you how to overcome any obstacle and receive the comfort you long for in whatever valley you are in.”

Greg McDougal, award winning singer and songwriter, founder of The Work of a Carpenter Ministries

“Every challenge I’ve faced has led me to a greater understanding of God’s grace. That understanding keeps me looking up, knowing this earthly existence is temporal and God’s gift of eternal life is the greatest hope we have. In Being the Believing 2.0, Pastor Tom tells us all how to have confidence in that very hope.”

Dreama Denver, actress, author, founder of West Virginia’s Always Free Honor Flight, president of the Denver Foundation, and widow of Bob Denver (Gilligan’s Island)

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